Czw, 25 Maj 2017, 18:14 CET, NY 12:14, Londyn 17:14, Tokio 1:14, ^SPX +0.34%
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 Symbol np: ^SPX   
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A6.FAUSTRALIAN DOLLAR FUTURE0.7464-0.49%-0.003718:14
B6.FBRITISH POUND FUTURE1.2964-0.17%-0.002218:13
CA.FLONDON COCOA FUTURE1465-0.27%-416:53
CB.FBRENT OIL FUTURE51.59-4.20%-2.2618:14
CC.FCOCOA FUTURE1891.5+0.27%+5.018:14
CL.FWTI OIL FUTURE49.05-4.37%-2.2418:14
CLCHF.FWTI OIL CHF FUTURE47.6600-4.51%-2.250018:14
CLEUR.FWTI OIL EUR FUTURE43.7100-4.40%-2.010018:14
CLPLN.FWTI OIL PLN FUTURE182.530-4.42%-8.44018:14
CT.FCOTTON #2 FUTURE77.12-0.43%-0.3318:13
D6.FCANADIAN DOLLAR FUTURE0.7427-0.46%-0.003418:14
DX.FUS DOLLAR INDEX FUTURE97.10+0.02%+0.0218:04
DY.FDAX FUTURE12605.2-0.32%-40.318:14
E6.FEURO FUTURE1.12320.00%0.000018:14
ES.FS&P500 FUTURE2410.75+0.31%+7.5018:14
FBUX.FBUX FUTURE34220.0+0.23%+80.017:35
FHSI.FHANG SENG FUTURE25657+0.85%+21517:45
FSMI.FSMI FUTURE9027-0.04%-415:02
FX.FDJ EURO STOXX50 FUTURE3562.0-0.31%-11.018:13
G.FLONG GILT FUTURE128.90+0.30%+0.3818:14
GC.FGOLD FUTURE1256.60-0.15%-1.9118:14
GCCHF.FGOLD CHF FUTURE1220.940-0.31%-3.76018:14
GCEUR.FGOLD EUR FUTURE1119.890-0.17%-1.89018:14
GCPLN.FGOLD PLN FUTURE4676.310-0.20%-9.50018:14
GE.FEURODOLLAR FUTURE98.2350-0.02%-0.015016:58
GF.FFEEDER CATTLE FUTURE148.425-0.49%-0.72516:59
GG.FBUND FUTURE161.40+0.21%+0.3418:14
HE.FLEAN HOGS FUTURE79.450-0.81%-0.65016:58
HG.FCOPPER FUTURE259.70+0.31%+0.8018:13
HGCHF.FCOPPER CHF FUTURE252.310+0.16%+0.40018:13
HGEUR.FCOPPER EUR FUTURE231.430+0.29%+0.66018:13
HGPLN.FCOPPER PLN FUTURE966.370+0.23%+2.25018:13
HO.FHEATING OIL FUTURE1.5499-3.55%-0.057118:14
HR.FBOBL FUTURE131.800+0.11%+0.15018:14
J6.FJAPANESE YEN FUTURE0.8958-0.20%-0.001818:14
JGB.FJGB 10Y FUTURE150.56+0.02%+0.0310:00
KC.FCOFFEE 'C' FUTURE127.92-0.41%-0.5318:13
KE.FWHEAT KCBT FUTURE437.75+1.27%+5.5016:59
LE.FLIVE CATTLE FUTURE119.65-0.44%-0.5316:59
LF.FGAS OIL FUTURE462.63-3.47%-16.6218:14
LS.FLUMBER FUTURE351.8-2.58%-9.316:59
MW.FWHEAT SPRING FUTURE564.25+0.76%+4.2516:58
MX.FCAC40 FUTURE5282.2-0.40%-21.318:14
NG.FNATURAL GAS FUTURE3.256-1.18%-0.03918:13
NQ.FNASDAQ100 FUTURE5772.50+0.69%+39.6218:14
NY.FNIKKEI225 FUTURE19800.0+0.33%+65.018:13
OJ.FORANGE JUICE FUTURE134.42-0.98%-1.3318:14
PA.FPALLADIUM FUTURE767.58+0.49%+3.7818:14
PL.FPLATINUM FUTURE954.05+0.30%+2.9018:14
RB.FGASOLINE FUTURE1.6478-0.05%-0.000816:59
RJ.FRUSSELL2000 FUTURE1380.500.00%0.0018:14
RS.FCANOLA FUTURE521.2-0.50%-2.616:59
S6.FSWISS FRANC FUTURE1.0306+0.17%+0.001718:13
SB.FSUGAR #11 FUTURE15.68+0.26%+0.0418:13
SI.FSILVER FUTURE1719.700-0.22%-3.80018:13
SICHF.FSILVER CHF FUTURE1670.860-0.38%-6.33018:13
SIEUR.FSILVER EUR FUTURE1532.590-0.24%-3.66018:13
SIPLN.FSILVER PLN FUTURE6399.610-0.27%-17.50018:13
SW.FLONDON SUGAR FUTURE449.00-0.16%-0.7016:54
X.FFTSE100 FUTURE7486.8-0.25%-18.718:14
YM.FDOW JONES FUTURE21035+0.18%+3818:14
ZB.FUS 30Y BOND FUTURE153.830.00%0.0018:14
ZC.FCORN FUTURE370.25-0.27%-1.0018:11
ZF.FUS 5Y NOTE FUTURE118.670.00%0.0018:14
ZL.FSOYBEAN OIL FUTURE32.18-0.37%-0.1218:13
ZM.FSOYBEAN MEAL FUTURE305.20-0.33%-1.0018:14
ZN.FUS 10Y NOTE FUTURE126.21+0.02%+0.0318:14
ZR.FROUGH RICE FUTURE11.04-0.32%-0.0416:46
ZS.FSOYBEAN FUTURE942.88-0.55%-5.2418:14
ZW.FWHEAT FUTURE433.00+0.12%+0.5018:12
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